What is it?

eMagnus multiALERT is an email notification system designed to alert users of changes made to any type of case – traffic, misdemeanor, felony, civil. There is no longer a need to call the Circuit Clerk’s Office to find out if an answer motion has been filed. With multiALERT, you will be automatically notified!


How does it work?

eMagnus multiALERT allows subscribers to monitor up to 10 designated cases. Whenever a change is made to a selected case, you will be sent an email notification. Email updates are sent for any changes in the docket sheet, any motions filed, or answers to motions by the Judiciary.


Case Maintenance

The list of cases monitored is unique to each subscriber and can be changed at any time. Maintain your list of case under the “Account Maintenance” link in Multi-Court. Notifications can be sent to up to two email address (a lawyer and an assistant, for example).



The service is only available to current eMagnus Multi-Court subscribers and will cost only $10/per month ($120/year). If you are subscribing to Multi-Court for the first time (or renewing an existing Multi-Court account) you will get 12 months of multiALERT at the rate of $10/month for $120. Existing Multi-Court subscribers wishing to add multiALERT will be charged a pro-rated fee based on the number of remaining months in the Multi-Court subscription.

How to Subscribe

To access multiALERT, login to Multi-Court at www.clericusmagnus.com and go to “Account Maintenance” and click “multiALERT Maintenance” or go to www.clericusmagnus.com/multiALERT-login.htm. Login with your Multi-Court username and password and follow the prompts. Once you’ve entered your notification email address list and case list, your total subscription amount will be calculated and you will be prompted for your payment. We accept Visa and MasterCard payments for multiALERT.